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Mr Jaffle

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                              "The great alternative to junk food"

This is the Mr Jaffle web page, thank you for visiting and please take a little time to consider all the information contained within. We are here to Help You make more money from your Existing Business or establish a new business using our UNIQUE System.


Mr Jaffle was established in Bundaberg Queensland AUSTRALIA and commenced operations in 1997. The trade mark is registered. We are the suppliers and manufacturers of our own cooking equipment along with all the ingredients to produce our delicious Mr Jaffle jaffles and jaffle shapes. In 1997 we opened a retail shop in Bundaberg Queensland to develop the product and concept. In early 1999 a second development shop was opened in the beachside city of Hervey Bay in Queensland. Assessment of the Mr Jaffle System and product development was completed and the development shops were closed to allow Mr Jaffle to persue a marketing avenue for its system.


Our Hervey Bay development shop 1999

   Our Mission
The mission of Mr Jaffle is to supply as many persons as possible of all ages and creed with a exciting healthy, tasty, product using our unique Ingredients and assist in the earthly control of obesity in all. To establish as many outlets through fair trading as possible. Healthy, tasty, delicious food makes for Happy Healthy People on this planet where we all share.


        The  Mr Jaffle System 
      "you keep the profit you make" 

Please Note:- National and International master franchises/licences are now available for the Mr Jaffle System. Interested parties should inquire via the email contact hereunder. Parties requiring to join the system example Schools, Cafe's and Shops should also email to the address hereunder.


You can e-mail us at: or